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Private Pay: Update as of March 1, 2022, Our Home Health has put all private pay services on hold


For individuals without Veterans benefits or long-term care insurance, private payment is very often the only option initially available when it comes to covering the cost of essential home care. Though not ideal, in addition to Social Security benefits and private pensions, drawing on savings is sometimes the most immediate means of covering the expense of in-home care.

Since most assistance programs determine eligibility based on an individual’s resources, the amount of monetary assistance available is often inversely proportionate to an individual’s resources. As resources like savings, pensions and other resources diminish, the amount of available care assistance options increases dramatically.

In the meantime, it may be necessary to ask members of the family to contribute to your loved one’s home care costs.

Our Personal Care services include:


  • Respite Care

  • Hygiene and Grooming

  • Meal Preparation

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Assistance with Ambulation

  • Bath visits

  • Dressing 

  • Expertise with memory loss, confusion, forgetfulness

  • Feeding

  • Personal safety home evaluation

  • Outpatient pre and post-op assistance

  • Oral and personal hygiene

  • Reporting conditions and changes to supervisory RN and/or Physician

  • Toileting


Get Help with personal care services today!
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